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18 Aug

Take A Picture by Filter (2000)

First heard : Back in college.  I always have been an alt rock devotee. Now it was easy to get myself a copy IF I knew what it was I was looking for.  I can remember the catchy beat but the lyrics never seem to register so I never got around to even checking what the title of the song is.

Years elapsed and though in between now and then, I might have had heard this on the radio or on someone else’s passing car, I still never got around this song.

I’ve always recalled what it brought me- that wanting to hop on a plane all the time or go sunworshipping and crash against the waves or go on a roadtrip with junk food in tow and lots of reading stuff and music blasting.

But the lyrics were fleeting before I could out my finger on it.

The other day, I copied music to last me a lifetime on my phone off the many ripped alternative mp3 CD’s I’ve had forever.  I was working at my desk intently, up and about with the taste of coffee and I hit shuffle and there it was - This. Song.

I could not believe that I actually have it buried somewhere in my library of CD’s, I mean… all these years?  Kismet has got to be kidding me!  I love this song to death, it makes for one of my best travel songs!

I … Feel… So real…

Now it got me to thinking, what else am I missing that I’ve always wanted but is already right in front of me? ;)

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